Although fire conditions are very high in our area, and our recent fire restrictions have elevated to Stage 2, the Pueblo West Metropolitan District and Fire Department have carefully considered how to provide a safe avenue for spectators to enjoy a community fireworks show.

We are confident that our long standing expertise in conducting fireworks shows, highly experienced firefighters and our fire suppression equipment make the Pueblo West Fire Department sponsored fireworks show the safest possible option for our community. We also hope that this option will deter less experienced spectators from firing off their own fireworks under these elevated fire conditions.

For well over 30 years, Pueblo West firefighters have been providing this annual fireworks show to the community. Firefighters work under Division Chief Tim Mitchell who has specific training and certification as a pyrotechnics operator. This certification allows for him and his team of firefighters to “shoot” the show from electronic control boxes at the launch site. The site used has to meet certain criteria based on the size of the shells and the fallout area needed for the shells that are shot. Please let our experts provide a safe fireworks event for our community.

Although our conditions are dryer than in past years, there are a number of steps in preparing the site area that happen even in years when conditions haven’t been so dry. Each year the area is prepared so that any vegetation is at a minimum, the area is watered in the morning of July 4 and then again in the evening prior to the show. This reduces the risk of any fallout continuing to burn should it reach the ground. Every year, a fire crew staffing a brush truck, along with a 4000 gallon water tender from the Metro District Public Works Department is on site during and after the show. With conditions this year, a plan to add an additional brush truck supported by Pueblo County Sheriff Office Emergency Services Bureau Fire Team will be on site.

We want to emphasize that our community fireworks show is displayed with many safeguards and resources that are not available to residents who may seek to shoot their own array of fireworks. These firefighters are well trained and have firefighting capabilities on site that residents do not have should a situation arise. By having a community show we hope this encourages residents to come and enjoy a display in a more controlled area and hopefully minimize any risk associated with those who wish to see fireworks from doing it themselves.

As a final reminder, it is illegal for the public to use any type of fireworks under the current fire restrictions imposed by Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor. Please come and enjoy our community show on July 4 and don’t take the risk of being a violator in using your own fireworks. You are not only subject to fines and potential jail time, but cost associated with damages caused by your use of fireworks on others property.

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