Pueblo West Metropolitan District is a planned community with covenant requirements and restrictions that not everyone has become familiar with. Over the past few years the popularity of using Connex, storage containers, railway cars, or metal boxes for storage has increased. Residents of Pueblo West and of Pueblo County need to be aware that the metal units are restricted for use for storage structures. The Committee of Architecture does not approve these structures and will enforce removal of the unapproved structure. Pueblo County also does not approve these structures as storage buildings. Due to safety issues as well as aesthetic reasons, both the Pueblo West Metropolitan District Committee of Architecture and Pueblo County will not approve them on residential property.

As always, it is wise for residents of Pueblo West to contact our office before you purchase or place any structures or other improvements on your property.  Our staff will be happy to assist you with review of the improvements that you wish to make on your property.

Warm regards,

Laurie Cozzetto
Community Development Director
(719) 547-9661

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