Driving motorized vehicles on Pueblo West Metropolitan District easements is prohibited and dangerous to both the driver and others on the trail. To maintain safety for all who use them, all easements in the District are restricted to non-motorized vehicles. The District has made an effort to post signs prohibiting the use of ATVs, motorcycles, and other motorized vehicles on these trails. Still, many continue to violate these signs, tearing up the trails, and risking the safety of bicycle riders, walkers, runners, and equestrians. Easement trails are not designed to accommodate high speeds such vehicles can achieve, and knobby tires and heavy vehicles destroy hard surfaced trails, ground cover, and natural wildlife habitats.

Pueblo West Metropolitan District, like other government entities, have easements to allow for specific movement across properties for storm water drainage, public utility (P.U.E.), and equestrian use. These easements allow for essential functions of the District as well as recreational use by bicycle riders, equestrians, walkers, and runners. Through a Safe Paths to School grant, the District’s Parks and Recreation Department was able to develop hard surface trails in some of these easements, further enhancing the recreational use of these areas while providing paths for kids to walk to school. If you see someone driving a motorized vehicle on any of these easements, please report it. Together we can keep these trails safe and maintained for everyone.

Please call the Sheriff at: (719) 583-4730 or Parks and Recreation Department at: (719) 547-7400 to report a vehicle in an easement or on a trail.

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