On December 13, the results of the recently conducted community prioritization survey were presented to the Pueblo West Metropolitan District’s Board of Directors. The purpose of the survey was to help the Board of Directors and staff better understand the residents’ preferences for District services, current satisfaction levels with services, and priorities moving forward. The survey is one way Pueblo West is engaging the community and increasing transparency. As the first of an annual event, the survey engages residents on prioritizing local government services and their satisfaction with those services.

Designed by graduate students at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs at no cost to the District, each survey question was carefully selected to accurately gauge public opinion and provide actionable insight. As part of the design process, the survey was reviewed by the university’s institutional review board (IRB) to ensure the questions and collection methods were ethical and within best practice standards. The IRB helped to ensure that the questions asked in the survey were capable of achieving the District’s desired goal of understanding community priorities in a safe and concise manner.

The survey was circulated between January and April 2016 through a popup invitation on Facebook, the District’s website and social media, as well as circulated in two editions of the Pueblo West View. There were 414 responses to the survey in total, giving it a 95% confidence level, with a 4.78% margin of error. The margin of error, also known as confidence interval, estimates what percent of a population is represented by the sampled population’s survey results. With a 4.78% margin of error, we are 95% confident that the sample population is representative of the mean (average) response from the whole Pueblo West population.


There were 18 questions on the survey utilizing multiple choice, open response, and Likert scale questions. These questions were broken down into categories, ranging from combined service satisfaction levels to basic demographic questions. The survey results will help determine the District’s course of action for 2017. The largest number of respondents, 50.24%, believe Streets and Roads should be the top priority in 2017. Emphasizing this priority, 71.43% of respondents were dissatisfied with Streets and Roads maintenance. This level of dissatisfaction was the highest recorded in the survey, as other respondents reported varying levels of satisfaction and neutrality relative to other services provided by the District. For instance, respondents were generally satisfied with with Parks, Trails, and Open Space, as well as Fire and Emergency Response and Water Billing services, which received 84.2%, 78.96%, and 40.52% satisfied to very satisfied responses respectively.

They survey is one of many tools the Metro District is using to engage the community about what they want and need for the future of Pueblo West. In fiscal year 2017, the results will help guide departments as they work to improve in areas with low scores. The first action that will be taken is organizing a community meeting with local residents to engage in a dialogue on the future of road maintenance and improvements in Pueblo West. The next Community Prioritization Survey is scheduled to be circulated in early 2018.

The full Community Prioritization Survey Report can be found on the District’s website pueblowestmetro.com.

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