Ballot initiatives 5A and 5B were both community-initiated and community-driven efforts. This past summer, Metro staff were approached by two different groups of residents: one lead by Michelle Erickson and Sheila Sloan, sought to build more parks, and the other, led by Grant Shay, sought to find a solution to the low pool capacity and high demand for use. Staff worked with these groups to inform them of the steps to get an initiative onto the ballot and discussed responsible options to move their initiatives forward. Both initiatives were drafted with mechanisms of accountability to ensure the allocated money was used exactly as designated by the ballot language. Over the course of the season, both groups built tremendous support for their efforts. Grant Shay started with approximately 200 residents, and was able to grow support to nearly 8000 who have unofficially voted in favor of the initiative.

In the unofficial election results, Initiative 5A, calling for a TABOR Time-Out to fund a new pool is winning, demonstrating significant public support for a new pool. Pueblo West Metro District has conducted community outreach, listened and learned what residents want in terms of how we approach TABOR. Ballot Issue 5A will be used to fund a pool with a stipulated 10 year timeline. It is also tied solely to a specific project, and has mechanisms of accountability to provide transparency throughout the process. As previously stated, this funding will not be enough to fund the entire pool by itself, but it will be set aside to be used in conjunction with other funding sources such as grants and public donations to make the new pool a reality. In the coming months, Metro staff will work with the UC Denver Technical Assistance Program to conduct community meetings to create conceptual designs for the new pool, as well as identify the best location in our community to place it. Metro staff would like to thank Grant Shay and the group of residents who championed this initiative. Thank you for your involvement in our community and desire to make Pueblo West an even better place to live and work.

In the unofficial election results, Initiative 5B, a mil levy increase to fund three parks, has failed. Parks and recreation were one of the original services provided by Pueblo West, so the development and improvement of parks and trails continue to be important to our community. Metro staff will continue to explore grant funding and other innovative solutions to promote parks in our community. Metro staff would like to thank Sheila Sloan and Michelle Erickson and their group of residents for their hard work to promote this initiative.

For more information, please contact:
Jay-Michael Baker
Community Engagement Manager, Pueblo West Metropolitan District
109 E. Industrial Blvd
PO Box 7005
Pueblo West, CO 81007
(719) 547-0168

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