Pueblo West, Colorado – November 3, 2016

Pueblo West Fire Department not only serves the residents and visitors of the Metropolitan District, but provides vital support and services to other departments within Pueblo County and beyond. As many know, when there is a wildland fire in the region, Pueblo West Fire may be called up to provide mutual aid for which the department is reimbursed by the state or federal government. In this capacity, the department provides a limited amount of resources to assist, while maintaining necessary resource levels to continue to provide service to Pueblo West. In addition to the unique situations of a wildland fire, since March 2016 the department has provided fire inspector services to the City of Pueblo Fire Department.

Division Chief, Brad Davidson is a certified Fire Inspector and has served Pueblo West in this role for 7 years. As a certified fire inspector, Davidson has passed a state Fire Inspector III certification process, and is certified to oversee plan reviews for new construction and remodels, and conduct final inspections of new construction and or installment of fire suppression systems such as fire alarms, and sprinkler systems. In any growing community, the fire inspector plays an important role in ensuring the safety of the public.

When Pueblo City Fire Department Fire Inspector, Gary Micheli retired from this role, the city was left without a certified fire inspector. Pueblo City Fire Chief Shelton and Pueblo West Fire Chief Caserta met and formed an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) to have Division Chief Davidson work closely with two firefighters in the midst of their state certification process, and ultimately provide inspector service until their firefighters pass the state certification. According to Division Chief Davidson, the process to obtain their certification is a long and includes a necessity to gain experience conducting building plan reviews before one is proficient. “The two firefighters in the roles of inspector for the City are currently handling general inspections, and a few times a week, I am called in to review and sign off on their plans. I also conduct final inspections that require a sign off by a certified inspector,” Davidson said. “The other important thing about the IGA, is once they are certified, if there ever comes a time when I am not available or on vacation and there is a sign off that needs to take place in Pueblo West, then they would come out and assist us with an inspection.”

“It is an honor and a pleasure that the Pueblo West Fire Department has the opportunity to serve the residents and visitors of the City of Pueblo,” District Manager, Darrin Tangeman said about Division Chief Davidson’s assistance to the City of Pueblo.

Ultimately, Pueblo West and the City of Pueblo share much in the way of culture, and long term goals. In many ways, the future success of both communities is in everyone in the region’s best interest, and a great working relationship between our departments is vital to future cooperation. “It really boils down to us helping each other out and making sure both departments are covered since we are so close and we have a great working relationship,” Davidson said.

For further information contact:

Jay-Michael Baker

Community Engagement Manager, Pueblo West Metropolitan District

109 E. Industrial Blvd

PO Box 7005

Pueblo West, CO 81007

(719) 547-0168


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