The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office is working with the Pueblo West Metro District to increase patrol in some parks and neighborhoods throughout the Pueblo West community. This summer reports of vandalism, juvenile problems, and theft saw a slight increase over previous years. Though not higher than other areas in the county, the criminal activity can be worrisome to residents. In an effort to ease concern and increase community confidence, Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor and Metro District Manager Darrin Tangeman developed a game plan. Sheriff Taylor directed increased patrols at both Lovell and Civic Center parks, and Tangeman briefed workers on what to watch for, both leaders are already seeing positive results.

“The Sheriff’s increased presence in Pueblo West’s parks is just one way both Pueblo West and Pueblo County can work together to make our community safe,” said District Manager, Darrin Tangeman. “As a metropolitan district, not a city, Pueblo West is bound to its service plan that includes fresh and waste water, public works, fire protection, and parks and recreation. Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office is the sole law enforcement service provider in Pueblo West, and continued collaboration between our two entities is important as we continue to keep Pueblo West one of the safest communities in Pueblo County.”

The additional collaboration Tangeman mentions is the partnership coordinating the Neighborhood Crime Watch Program. This past spring, the two entities helped Neighborhood Watch coordinators establish a social media presence, and website, along with a strategy to appoint Neighborhood Watch Captains in neighborhoods throughout Pueblo West. Neighborhood Watch works to increase residents’ knowledge of what to look for if they suspect a crime on their block, encourages people to meet and get to know their neighbors, and guides participants in the establishment of a network of watch captains. Since established in June, the Pueblo West Neighborhood Watch Facebook page has over 500 likes and grew by over 100 likes just last week alone. The coordinators have held several public meetings to help inform residents and recruit captains. Community members are asked to watch for upcoming meeting announcements on the Facebook page and are asked to attend.

“Working as a partner with the Metro District and its employees is a win-win. We are able to work more pro-actively in the community using intelligence they provide and their residence have the benefit of increased patrol in their public spaces,” said Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Bureau Chief David J. Lucero, who adds the Neighborhood Watch participants are perhaps the most valuable partners of all. “Pueblo West has the most robust Neighborhood Watch program in Pueblo County, the residents here have created a network that is plugged into the who’s and where’s of their neighborhood and they are better for it.”

For more information, please contact:
Jay-Michael S. Baker (719) 547-5012
Lisa Shorter (719) 924-0474


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