In coordination with the Pueblo County Public Works Department, Pueblo West Public Works will begin chip sealing select roads this week.  Pueblo County provides their chip application equipment and labor, and Pueblo West purchases all chip seal materials and provides support services.

On Thursday July 21, work will begin on Avenida Del Oro.  Monday July 25, crews will complete the Avenida work and will begin chip sealing Purcell Boulevard from Joe Martinez Boulevard to Liberty Point.

During the chip seal process, from the time the gravel is placed on the road to when the excess is swept away, it is imperative that drivers obey the posted speed limit signs to avoid damage by flying rocks. Rocks thrown from your tires may crack or break a windshield. Flying rocks might also injure pedestrians, bicycle riders, or motorcyclists.  Traffic moving at higher speeds can create dust, limit visibility, and cause an inconvenience to local residents. Increased speeds can also cause gravel to break loose from a fresh chip seal causing damage to the new surface. By driving the posted speed limit, you protect your vehicle from unnecessary damage that can be caused by the sprayed asphalt and loose gravel.

Once Aveneda Del Oro and Purcell are completed, Pueblo County will begin work on their own roads.  They will return to Pueblo West in about two weeks to complete our project. We appreciate your patience throughout this road improvement process.

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