Pueblo West, Colorado – July 1, 2016
Construction will soon be under way for the new Tract 220 Subdivision Roadway Improvement Project. This area includes west Industrial Boulevard between McCulloch and Watusi Drive, Watusi Drive north of Industrial, and the intersection of McCulloch and Industrial Boulevard.

Crews will be considerate to provide sufficient road width to accommodate two-way traffic through construction zones. However, there will be short periods of time when traffic will be constrained. The public is asked to slow down, obey all laws, and obey directions indicated from both construction signage and construction crews. It is the law for any driver who sees and hears an emergency vehicle approaching from either direction to safely move out of the way. Please slow down and be considerate of other traffic. Flaggers may be posted at key locations during construction to direct traffic when there is a roadway deficiency or one-lane operation.

The Pueblo West Metropolitan District would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation during the construction. For more information or if you have any questions please call (719) 547-5064.

For further information contact:

Jay-Michael Baker
Community Engagement Manager, Pueblo West Metropolitan District
109 E. Industrial Blvd
PO Box 7005
Pueblo West, CO 81007
(719) 547-0168

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