The District has started to receive increased interest on the direction of Pueblo West Metropolitan District’s economic development efforts from community leaders, business owners, Colorado State University-Pueblo, and prospective businesses. Our growing community is ripe for economic expansion and will begin developing economic development policy recommendations in coordination with the board and local business leaders during the months of June and July.

During the next two months, Pueblo West will be working to research and analyze economic development policy recommendations for our community. We will meet with experts on economic development in our region and hold focus groups with local business leaders and residents on policy recommendations, incentives, workforce development, and business recruitment. Ultimately, this research will be part of a greater set of policy recommendations to be approved by our board. We are hopeful we can begin active business recruitment, retention, and expansion efforts in August once our economic development policies are in place.

Pueblo West has been working closely with Pueblo County’s Office of Economic Development and Geographic Information Systems (EDGIS) to develop lists of potential retail businesses that meet the preferences of site selection teams, consumer profiles, and trade areas within the region and our community. The District will conduct focus groups and community engagement efforts over the next few months to receive community feedback and refine the list of retail opportunities for our community.

Pueblo County’s EDGIS has a no-cost program that provides local businesses with data-driven solutions such as specialized commercial growth plans and surplus and leakage analysis for local businesses to identify opportunities for potential growth and expansion. Pueblo County also offers a variety of enterprise zone tax incentives ranging from a three percent investment tax credit, job training tax credit, to several tax credits through the State of Colorado.

Pueblo West has many properties zoned for industrial and business use that are currently available for sale. We will begin posting more information about these properties to our new website that will be launched in July. To learn more about these properties now, please contact Laurie Cozetto at (719) 547-5019 or by email at We encourage any local business that is considering expanding in Pueblo West to contact the Community Development Department to discuss their options.

Darrin Tangeman
District Manager
Pueblo West Metropolitan District

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