Pueblo West Metropolitan District has been working with Pueblo County and the City of Pueblo to create a comprehensive revitalization of trails in our region as part of the Pueblo Area Council of Governments’ 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan. The goal of the three government entities is to tie our trail networks together to improve interconnectivity within our communities. Pueblo West included nine trail priorities that were approved by the District Board of Directors. Of the nine priority trails, seven will connect to City of Pueblo trails or the Lake Pueblo trail system. The trail improvement and expansion is contingent on grant funding via a matching grant through the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). The nine priority trails are:

• State Park trail extension to  Kenosha (and Sweetwater)
• Purcell Blvd. – Hahns Peak to Liberty Point
• Joe Martinez Blvd. – Purcell to McCulloch
• East/West trail to connect to the City Spaulding trail
• Sierra Vista trail – Spaulding under US-50 to Industrial
• Williams Creek trail – McCulloch to US-50 @ Pueblo Blvd.
• Edwin James Memorial trail – new Fire Station #2 to Honor Farm Boundary
• Wildhorse Creek Trail – US-50 to Jaroso Park
• Nichols Rd connection to State Park

In April, Pueblo West submitted concept grant papers to CDOT for our top three priority projects. If accepted, these projects will be funded with a matching grant in which Pueblo West pays 25% of the cost, and CDOT pays the remainder. In August, CDOT will inform the entities on whether our priority trails will move forward in the grant process. The three matching grant funded trail projects along with the total costs and estimated completion dates are:
• 2018 – State Park Trail Extension
• 2019 – Liberty Point Trail
• 2020 – Joe Martinez Trail

The 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan’s purpose is to provide a comprehensive 20-25 year “roadmap” to meet the transportation needs of the growing region. The plan includes road and highway infrastructure, along with recreational trail systems in the region.

Pueblo West Metropolitan District believes it is important to build and maintain a clean and safe trail system for our community.

Click here for a map of the trail system

For further information contact:

Jay-Michael Baker
Community Engagement Manager, Pueblo West Metropolitan District
109 E. Industrial Blvd
PO Box 7005
Pueblo West, CO 81007
(719) 547-0168

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