The Pueblo West Metropolitan District has launched a survey focused on better understanding the priorities of residents. As a follow up to a series of focus group discussions held in January, The Pueblo West Community Priority Survey is now available online to our residents at

This survey is an important step forward for this community. As part of a larger strategic planning process, Pueblo West is seeking the input of residents to help improve District responsiveness and help guide decision making in the allocation of financial resources. The information provided by residents in this survey will be used to guide future fiscal decision making in a process known as Priority Based Budgeting.

With this survey and new budget process, Pueblo West seeks to:

  • Match available resources with community demands
  • Meaningfully engage residents in financial decision making
  • Escape the traditional routine of public sector budgeting wherein new budgets are based on revisions of the last year’s budget.

This approach, made possible in part through The Pueblo West Community Priory Survey, will assist the Metro District in making informed financial and budgeting decisions and ensure that Pueblo West can focus on the programs and services most highly valued by our residents.

The Metro District is asking residents to take 5 minutes and provide their input and ideas for the future of our community by going to

We look forward to hearing from you.

For further information contact:

Rich Takacs

Community Engagement Manager, Pueblo West Metropolitan District

109 E. Industrial Blvd

Pueblo West, CO 81007

(719) 547-0168

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