Pueblo West is launching a new initiative focused on more engagement with the community.  With two-way conversation between District administration and our residents, we are seeking to better understand community priorities.  This information will be used to help the District more efficiently respond to community issues and will be a central factor in future budgeting processes.

The first step in this process will be a series of focus groups.  Residents are invited to take part in these conversations on January 13th or January 16th from 12:00 – 1:30 PM at the Pueblo West library.

We will focus on:

  1. Resident’s preferences for District services
  2. Current satisfaction levels
  3. Priorities moving forward
  4. Issues facing the community.

Resident feedback will be used to help formulate a community-wide survey now scheduled for early spring. With this survey the District is seeking to become more responsive to residents in three ways:

  1. Strategic Planning: resident feedback and priorities for the future will be the focus of long-term District planning. Focus groups and surveys make government planning more inclusive.
  2. Performance Management: in addition to playing a key role in long-term planning, data from resident feedback will be used in day-to-day District management. In the coming months, additional options will become available to Pueblo West residents to engage with the District and let us know how we’re doing.
  3. Priority-Based Budgeting: resident feedback will be used to determine how to best match District resources with community priorities.  By engaging residents in the budgeting process, we are seeking to make better-informed financial decisions and ensure we focus on the programs and services most valued by the Pueblo West community.

These focus groups represent the first step in our efforts to improve engagement with Pueblo West residents and become a more inclusive and responsive District. Any  resident is invited to take part in this important conversation and join us for the scheduled focus groups.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

For any questions, please contact:

Rich Takacs

Pueblo West Metro Community Engagement Manager



2 thoughts

  1. Too many people have moved to Pueblo West not knowing the history and significance of how it became a community. Pueblo West is only fifty years old and Robert McCulloch would turn over in his grave if he knew how much things have changed. In the beginning this land was full of cattle, rattlesnakes and flat prairie. When he learned of the Frying Pan Arkansas project he became interested in Colorado. Pueblo West was his second planned community, Knowing the Reservoir would draw many fun loving people. People were relocating to Colorado for a change in life and were really known as the early pioneers. Many drove to Pueblo for their livelihoods, but as we grow, need to support the small developments in their own backyard. As Pueblo West grows, so do ideas for many things to come however, name change. I think not. Get Real. Not only do I not favor this idea, I can’t believe a change would provide satisfaction. Daily change is good but not to the extent of giving up the pride of many of the early residents. There is more to just making a change – it would cause – changing names on check books, legal documents and the pride of saying ” I live in Pueblo WEST, a beautiful, scenic part of Colorado.” Newcomers expecting street lights and curbs are barking up the wrong tree do not understand the overall concept of our community.


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