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To be CLEAR, there are NO CURRENT PLANS to change the name of Pueblo West and this is not a policy decision by the Pueblo West Board of Directors. This is simply a response to community inquiries related to changing the name of Pueblo West and an opportunity to identify why many residents have asked to have the name changed in the first place. Over the last few years there have been a number of articles written in the Pueblo West View and in social media postings discussing the renaming of Pueblo West. Articles by Phil Weber (New name for Pueblo West #1) and Jeannine Van Eperen (New Name for Pueblo West #2) have focused on building a name that clearly conveys our positive reputation, community identity, geography, history, values and opportunities that set us apart from our neighboring towns and cities. However, building community consensus on a proposed name change is likely the most difficult part of the process and requires leadership and organized community advocacy. For the purposes of community engagement, we feel this is an excellent opportunity for residents to provide feedback and suggestions on an issue that is often discussed within our community.

What potential names do you propose that clearly represent our community identity, geography, history, values and opportunities? We would like to provide an opportunity for residents to vote on existing suggestions, provide new suggestions, and engage in community dialogue through an informal online poll (below). We will consolidate the names that receive the greatest number of votes and conduct a second round of voting in a few weeks.

So how do Special Districts change their name? For discussion purposes only, we will provide the legal process by which Special Districts can change their name in the second article of this series. Please share with as many Pueblo West friends, family, and residents as you can, so that we can collect the greatest number of suggestions. Stay tuned for the second article and thank you for your participation!



29 thoughts

  1. I think this would be very positive. As a Realtor I am having to explain to clients that Pueblo West is not part of Pueblo all the time. I would assume if you did a survey most people in Pueblo County consider it part of Pueblo.


    1. Have to explain repeatedly to my guests from back East the difference, explaining the dirt roads is a bit more difficult but their poperty taxes are about 500% higher there.


  2. How about Marijuana Village? Weedville? Doobie Junction? Those are a LOT better than “McCullochville” , which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue and isn’t near as funny as “Swallows” — (Welcome to Swallows — come for the pot, stay for the happy ending!). I know — how about “Angry and Scared Right-Wing Nitwits Crossing?” Hey, I don’t want to be “associated” with Colorado Springs, which is a REAL crime-ridden cesspool. How about we call ourselves “Wichita West”?


  3. In order to change the name of Pueblo West, it would require changing from a metropolitan district to an incorporated city, which means higher taxes. I don’t think most people are aware of this fact or the expensive consequences to the citizens of Pueblo West. Look into it!


    1. Thanks for your comments. To clarify, Pueblo West Metro District CAN change its name without incorporating. A name change is a separate and distinct issue from incorporation.

      The timing of this blog post and a request from the Board of Directors to explore the pros and cons of incorporation is purely coincidental. The District is currently conducting a preliminary analysis on incorporation and the costs associated with incorporation would be partially off-set by revenues we currently do not receive as a Special District, but would receive as a municipality. One such revenue stream would be a full share of Conservation Trust Fund monies distributed from the State of Colorado. Currently, a portion of the one-half share that Pueblo West does not receive goes to Pueblo County and instead funds projects like the State Fair and the Pueblo Zoo in the City of Pueblo. If Pueblo West were an incorporated city, the other one-half share would be allocated to Pueblo West and would be spent directly on Parks and Recreation related capital projects within our community’s boundaries.


  4. What if the citizens of Pueblo West and the PWMD made a positive contribution by determining how they could help improve the statistical inadequacies of their Pueblo neighbors, rather than selfishly seeking to distance themselves from them?


  5. I have lived in PUEBLO WEST my whole life. My father was the Fire Chief until his death in 2001, for me it would hurt my heart greatly to have to call this place anything else. I can’t speak for everyone but this town is my home. And it’s name is PUEBLO WEST. To us life long residents this name means something. It means home. I went to Pueblo West elementary then Pueblo West middle and Pueblo West High School. my father was chief of the Pueblo West volunteer fire department get the drift this name means more than just a name for me and several others its tradition its history its our lives. I will NEVER call it anything else I don’t care if ya do decide to change the name. I love Pueblo west and if you aren’t from here. Ya jus won’t get why.


  6. As a Pueblo West resident since 1977, I think time and money would be better spent figuring out how to keep our water rates down and repairing the roads. This topic of changing the name seems like a ridiculous and silly waste of resources. There are other more important issues for metro to be discussing.


    1. I totally agree. The name can stand for itself proudly if we direct our efforts to be completely different from what lies next to us. If Pueblo wants pot, then they should keep it in their community along with the gangs, crime, filth associated with it. Pueblo’s cancer is infecting the entire area.


  7. I am a long time resident and love it here. Living in other Colorado cities, I used to come here before the reservoir was filled because of the attraction. On the other hand, nearly everyone I have contact with has a negative impression of the city of Pueblo, as I did also before, during, and after living there. I am always having to defend the desirability of living in Pueblo West to people who associate it with Pueblo. I absolutely welcome the name change…unless we don’t want it to have a good reputation and thereby stifle growth.


  8. We would have to start paying city sales tax if we become our own city – why change it? The gentleman who started this discussion moved here from Detroit, so something must have attracted him here other than the NAME


    1. Paula, Thanks for your comments. The topic of name change and incorporation are two different issues. The issues related to incorporation will be addressed in a future blog post after preliminary analysis has been completed. We will provide the costs and benefits of incorporation to our residents and answer questions regarding this opportunity for our community. Sincerely, PWMD


  9. We just recently moved here from the Denver area. We love Pueblo West, but the name Pueblo West is always associated with Pueblo. And we all know that Pueblo doesn’t exactly have a great reputation. It’s really too bad because this little city is beautiful, the people and the vibe is totally different. Unfortunately it will always have that stigma as long as the name remains.


  10. I like the idea of being an incorporation, because why share most of the pot taxes with Pueblo County? But why public input on a name change now? No ask if we wanted to beome Pot heaven.


  11. Dark Sky West – Pueblo West is suppose to be a dark sky community.

    West Plains – Represents a laid-back community.

    Desert West – Some folks consider this area similar to a desert west of Pueblo.

    Adding the word West to some of the other suggestions would differentiate between the current existing names, i.e., Desert Hawk West, Swallows West, Turkey Creek West, etc.


  12. Desert West, West Plains & Prairie West – These names are representative our area before it was developed by McCulloch.

    Dark Sky West – Pueblo West is suppose to be a dark sky community.

    Adding the word WEST, after some of the other suggestions, would differentiate between those areas currently with that name, and our community.


  13. I saw this today and it reminded me of this local discussion.

    “Try explaining ‘western Virginia’ without having to say separately that you DON’T live in West Virginia.”


  14. Moved here 10 yrs ago from Buffalo, NY – the name thee carries a negative, albeit not deserved, but it makes a difference. Pueblo West is a new, vibrant community. Should be incorporated – take all monies available. My favorite proposed name is Wild Horse….a touch of history and the attitude of its residents – to be free.


  15. Moved here 10 yrs ago from Buffalo, NY – the name there carries a negative, albeit not deserved, but it makes a difference. We moved here because of the politics in NY.. Pueblo West is a new, vibrant community. Should be incorporated – take all monies available. My favorite proposed name is Wild Horse….a touch of history and the attitude of its residents – to be free.


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