In the next three to four months, Pueblo West Metropolitan District will be engaging a broad range of our local residents to identify and prioritize what initiatives, capital improvement projects, and District service plan areas are most important to our community.

Pueblo West Metropolitan District’s current service plan includes: Public Works: Streets and Roads, Parks and Recreation, Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Water and Waste Water Utilities, and Community Development & Committee of Architecture.

The District will also be asking residents to identify what their preferred methods of communication are to learn more about Pueblo West community events, services, and local government initiatives.

As part of our effort to establish our community priorities, we will be publishing a Community Priority Survey that will help shape the District’s short and long-term community goals and ultimately the prioritization of our 2017 budget.

Lastly, we will be asking for regular feedback on the quality of services we provide to the community and how we can improve our services to better meet the needs of Pueblo West residents.

So what do you think?

  • Take the following preliminary polls to help us shape our final survey in the next 3-4 months. If you don’t see an answer that meets your priority or preferences, please use the write-in option (other).  Thank you!

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